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Firefighter Brice Trossbach was trapped when the first floor of the house collapsed
“We’re able to get the stretcher under the patient and drag them to what amounts to a safer area and use less rescuers,” said Fitchburg Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher
An inventor and Calif. business owner has spent 18 years developing a plant-based, nontoxic substance
Paramedic Johnathan Harrison said a tragic incident on his job inspired him to create a device that would make 911 callers’ homes more visible to first responders
Xenia firefighters are getting national attention for a new method of drying gear quickly without dipping deeply into public funds
The new automatic T-valve system designed by Purdue University researchers can remove water from the fire hose when the robot moves to another location
With new technology ranging from transportation to health monitoring, plenty of devices are being debuted that could make the lives of first responders much easier
The SmokeBot can see and navigate through smoke-filled rooms while plotting a route for firefighters with sensors and a laser scanner
The gear dryer, designed by Pvt. Scott Martin, cuts drying time from several hours to approximately 45 minutes, officials said
Ceasefire Door Hinge closes your doors if a fire breaks out by sensing heat
The CHASE LifeTech FR jacket includes modular sensors that can detect heart rate, temperature, motion and GPS location
The Northern Star is an 8-directional electronic compass that helps firefighters maintain their orientation inside fires
The temperature-monitoring device would alert parents by phone or text
Women’s History Month is celebrated annually during March; here’s a handful of inventions vital to present-day first responders
The Automist, which is installed on the walls of a home, only sprays water directly at a fire; it better protects homes from water damage
A local fire department is offering to test it on a structure fire
The “BackSafe” system is now ready for market and allows a driver and spotter to communicate by color code over two wireless devices
The JV Tool makes forcible entry into commercial doors faster and much less destructive than traditional means
The firefighter claims the company schemed him so they could sell or market the invention as their own; Elkhart Brass has not commented on the suit