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The gear and gadgets topic discusses a wide range of firefighting technology and equipment, including turnout gear, breathing apparatus, PPE, thermal imaging cameras and other fire accessories. The articles in this topic will help you understand what you need to know before making an equipment purchase, how to pick the right piece of equipment for the task at hand, how to make the most out of your gear and equipment pitfalls to avoid. News stories from across the country show how firefighters are leveraging new technology and finding strategies to source and fund the gear and gadgets that fit their needs.

Speedlays provide quick deployment of attack lines to the fire, which is what we need as the fire grows faster and faster on today’s modern fireground
More than 300 vendors made their way to the Kansas City Convention Center to showcase the latest and greatest fire service products
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A review of hood changes over time, plus the likely outcomes from mandating particulate-blocking hoods
The H6 Tactical Nylon Radio Strap’s military-grade nylon is extractor-washable to remove harmful chemicals
Turnout gear worn in the Brunswick plant fire has been rendered useless due to the chemicals involved
Understand the differences between the types of TIs will help identify the units that work best for your members
“NFPA’s process is the gold standard for standards development and involves a proven, consensus-based approach,” said Vice President Lorraine Carli
If you’re called to serve in an environment where you might be exposed to smoke and ash, protect yourself
“The very gear designed to protect firefighters, to keep us safe, is killing us,” said General President Edward Kelly, calling the NFPA standard that requires PFAS needless