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Response Time

The FDNY will be using additional data from the university to look at increasing traffic and call volume
Farmington Hills leaders have increased firefighter staffing and hope to improve response times
An independent study recommends the Santa Fe Fire Department add more ambulances, placing them at specific firehouses for increased demand
Earlier arbitration ruled that Montville could not staff its firehouse with just one firefighter
Transparent communication between city managers and fire chiefs is essential for building a strong partnership and ensuring the city’s overall wellbeing
The Haverhill Fire Department’s SAFER grant will also cover 100% of the new members’ salaries and benefits for three years
Mooresville commissioners turned down plans to annex a 96-acre community based on being outside of the FD’s response time
The Anne Arundel County Fire Department data website is another way county officials are demonstrating transparency
Citing pending litigation, officials have refused to release response information on the wildfire that killed 115 people
San Francisco Fire Department Chief Jeanine Nicholson presented regulators 55 written reports of the robotaxis interfering with emergency response
An arbitration panel ruled that Montville must staff at least two of its four fire departments with two paid firefighters, and that no firefighter can work alone during a 24-hour shift
Union brings up low-staffing, delayed response times, safety problems before the fire that killed Firefighter James Muller and injured six others
Union says the department only functions because personnel work additional 24-hour shifts each month
“Every recoverable victim was saved,” Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said, highlighting the work by EMS crews