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Firefighters invent door-closing device to promote fire safety

Ceasefire Door Hinge closes your doors if a fire breaks out by sensing heat


By FireRescue1 Staff

PITTSBURGH — Two firefighters are currently testing a device they created that will automatically close the doors in a home in case of a fire.

CBS Pittsburgh reported that the Ceasefire Door Hinge, which was created by two firefighters, was designed to automatically shut the door in high temperatures.

The device replaces traditional door hinges and is equipped with a spring that detects heat.

“It will activate at 135 degrees and close the door to contain the fire,” Jeff Teta of Ceasefire said.

The Beaver Falls Fire Department in the Pittsburgh area recently helped the company test the new device by placing them in homes and seeing how they worked.

The department said the device closed the door every time, and special sensors were even in place to determine how much heat was kept away from the bedroom of a potential victim.

“The ceiling temperature in the hallway was 1,000 degrees. To have the door shut and at bed height it was 80 degrees. It’s a beautiful thing,” Teta said. “You’re not only saving lives, you’re saving property. If you’re not home and those doors shut and your property is protected.”

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