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Okla. firefighters sue city over unpaid OT

Members of IAFF Local 2041 filed a lawsuit against the City of Chickasha for allegedly failing to pay firefighters the lawful rate for overtime hours


Jessica Lane
The Express-Star, Chickasha, Okla.

CHICKASHA, Okla. —The City of Chickasha is facing a lawsuit on behalf of Chickasha Firefighters for alleged violation of fair labor standards.

On Dec. 1, members of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 2041 filed a lawsuit against the City of Chickasha in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

The IAFF alleges the City of Chickasha has failed to pay the Chickasha Firefighters the lawful rate for overtime hours. Moreover, the IAFF alleges the city has failed to include the firefighters longevity pay in their overtime rate. The IAFF said this violates the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to the Chickasha Firefighters Association, IAFF has brought the issue to the City of Chickasha’s attention several times without resolution.

The IAFF said after the lawsuit was filed, the City of Chickasha again failed to issue the annual longevity payment, which was due on Dec. 3.

The IAFF said this violates the contract between the Chickasha Fire Department and the City of Chickasha.

Josh Gregston, with the Chickasha Fire Fighters Association, released a statement from their legal team,

“This lawsuit is about the City of Chickasha’s willful refusal to include ‘longevity pay’ in its fire fighters’ overtime rate, which is a textbook Fair Labor Standards Act violation. The union, on behalf of its members, has been trying to get the City to do the right thing for over three years now. So far, nothing short of a lawsuit has worked and we are committed to ensuring the fire fighters recover the unpaid wages and other relief that they are due in light of the City’s FLSA violation. However, we remain hopeful that the City will recognize that it is in everyone’s best interest to work to resolve this issue as soon as possible by making sure the fire fighters receive the pay they owed for the important work they do in serving and protecting the community.”

The City of Chickasha declined to comment on the lawsuit.


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