Parents of slain LACoFD Station 81 firefighter file wrongful death suit

The lawsuit requests damages for assault and battery, negligence and wrongful death related to the shooting of their son, Tory Carlon

By Janelle Foskett

AGUA DULCE, Calif. — Four months after the fatal shooting of Firefighter Tory Carlon at Los Angeles County Fire Station 81, Carlon’s parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of the man who killed him.  

Larry and Bonnie Carlon’s lawsuit requests unspecified damages for assault and battery, negligence and wrongful death from the estate of the shooter, Patrick Tatone, reports The Signal.

Tatone fatally shot Tory Carlon, 41, a fire specialist at the Station 81 station in Agua Dulce, on June 1, reportedly stemming from a long-standing job-related workplace dispute.

“Defendants, Jonathan Patrick Tatone (Deceased), and DOES 1 through 200’s, conduct was so vial, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched, or loathsome that it is looked down upon and despised by ordinary decent people,” the lawsuit reads. 

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