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Chief Randy Bruegman: ‘Nothing good happens without a plan’

The fire chief – and longtime strategic-thinker – urges firefighters to develop their 1-, 3- and 5-year game plans

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Today’s show challenges fire service leaders to think big – at least bigger – than the status quo. Fire Chief Randy Bruegman, who served as past president of the IAFC and CPSE, offers guidance for how to move beyond a myopic focus on day-to-day fire department management to a more strategic mindset about operations and the future of our organizations – and really why all fire chiefs need to push the envelope if they expect their departments to survive and thrive amid the myriad changes ahead.

Plus, we get into all this:

  • The chief’s theory about why firefighters dislike change so much
  • Fire service “yes men,” egos and inertia
  • The Leadership Crucible Foundation

What else

  • Don’t miss: The power of the words “you have potential.”
  • Episode power quote: “If you’re a chief listening to this, you need to start looking at how you position your organization today for the next 10 years out. If you’re not doing that, you’re not doing your job, and you out to just hang it up and give it to somebody who will do it.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: Bruegman’s favorite drummer – yes, drummer.

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