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Chief Tim Sendelbach: ‘This profession can’t afford the status quo’

The Loveland, Colo., chief shares lessons from his time in media and urges leaders to maintain forward progress for their organizations


On this episode of the Better Every Shift podcast, Zam and Janelle talk to a dear friend, Loveland (Colo.) Fire Rescue Authority Fire Chief Tim Sendelbach, about what it was like to serve as the editor-in-chief of two fire service publications, then transition back into fire department life. The chief reflects on his family’s fire service connection, his vision for Loveland, and how his career has come full circle.

Plus, we get into all this:

  • A “spicy” analogy for old school vs. new school leadership
  • His unique connection to the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire
  • What firefighters don’t get about politics
  • When to hit the accelerator and when to tap the brakes
  • The book he dares all firefighters to read

What else …

  • Don’t miss: Why it’s OK to make the fire chief uncomfortable
  • Episode power quote: “It’s one thing to advocate it in print or on the speaking circuit; it’s another thing to be in this position and have to deliver.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: Mini-Tim

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