Dr. Candace Ashby: ‘The company officer is more powerful than any fire chief’

The Indianapolis battalion chief highlights the power of company officers to quash negativity

Indianapolis Battalion Chief Candace Ashby takes an honest, humor-driven tell-it-like-it-is approach to leadership, urging company officers, and really all members, to call out bad behavior when they see it. Imagine the tone shift and culture change possible, she says, if company officers told their members to, “Pull your head out of your ass and act like you got some damn sense” at the moment of offense.

Plus, we dig into all of this:

  • Being proactive when you’re unhappy with FD leadership;
  • Her favorite activity to build crew camaraderie;
  • Simple advice for leaders trying to problem-solve FD issues;
  • The insanity of not teaching soft skills to officers; and
  • How to overcome a “screw this place” mindset that can arise during any career.

Connect with Dr. Ashby at ELITE Public Safety Consulting.

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