2nd Fla. county first responder resigns over social media posts

Michael Ruby, a Polk County paramedic who was in a new-hire probation period, resigned after it was discovered he posted photos of work to social media

By EMS1 Staff

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — A second emergency services worker has resigned after reports that he posted work photos to social media.

FOX 13 News reported that Michael Ruby, a new-hire paramedic that was still in a probationary period, resigned from Polk County Fire Rescue after posting several photos, including one with a CAD screen with information about a motorcycle crash, and another with blood on the floor of an ambulance.

The investigation into Ruby’s post stemmed from a citizen letter of complaint, stating that his posts were “inappropriate, unprofessional and in poor taste.”

Recently, another member of the Polk County Fire Rescue resigned over social media posts. Capt. James Williams posted video of a burning home that turned fatal. Williams was docked pay for one day, but resigned after another video surfaced on social media from a different fire. 

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