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N.Y. firefighters burned during live-fire training

Five Troy firefighters were sent to the hospital after being burned during training



By Bill Carey

COLONIE, N.Y. — Five Troy firefighters were burned while participating in live fire training at a state-run firefighter training facility.

The firefighters were part of a group of 11 from the department participating in week-long training at the Colonie Municipal Training Center, News10 reported.

“We had 11 people in that class at the Colonie tower that are seasoned fire officers, captains, lieutenants. So, I believe there is one firefighter but they are all guys that have 10-plus years on the job. They have seen plenty of fire,” Local 86 Union President Eric Wisher said.

NewsChannel 13 reported the firefighters were involved in training to become instructors. The exact details of what occurred and how the firefighters were burned were not reported. Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon said that it is unclear what went wrong.

McMahon told the Times Union that two firefighters received second-degree burns and will require continuing care.

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