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Mental Health

The mental health resource page features the latest news and original content focused on mental and behavioral health, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) and other wellness issues connected to the sometimes difficult or traumatic nature of first responder calls. Firefighters share their stories of overcoming PTSD and depression, and offer insights for how fellow members can seek help to manage those calls that “stick.” Further, firefighters and researchers offer guidance to firefighters via podcasts and expert analysis, covering topics like how to manage both on- and off-duty issues. For more information about mental health topics, sign up for the FireRescue1 Safety & Health newsletter.

The Orange County Fire Authority program helps firefighters with stress and serves as a liaison to additional mental health resources
Firefighters pinpoint their top stressors and acknowledge the impact of stress on the quality of service provided
Dr. Derrick Edwards – a firefighter, professor, counselor and chaplain – details psych concepts that impact firefighter work and home life
Times have changed in the fire service and some of the best peer support opportunities have fallen by the wayside as firefighter culture has evolved
What are you going to do today to have a positive impact on you, your crew, your organization and your community?
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A recently published white paper establishes a path for public safety legislative advocacy
Part 1 — The San Diego Fire-Rescue captain shares the emotional story of how a seemingly “routine call” quickly escalated to a near-fatal stabbing
U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell presided over the event that focused on current problems in the fire service
Government officials hear testimonies about challenges involving recruitment, cancer, mental health, EVs, climate change and beyond
TEEX Wellness and Resiliency Program Director Alisa McDonald has led the development of peer teams available to deploy to large-scale disasters
The Irving Police Department and Irving Fire Department combined forces to offer EMDR therapy, an employee health clinic, wellness incentives and much more
Five position papers – focused on climate change, blood transfusions, reproductive health, mental health and CPR – were endorsed at the annual NFPA Urban Fire Forum
While the fire service has made huge strides in recognizing the importance of member wellness, every fire department across the country has room to improve
After an ultimatum from his wife, former Firefighter-Paramedic Jordan Long realized the toll his career was taking – and took steps to help others thrive