Firefighter returns to work after racial rant at Hooters

Terrence Skeen’s lawyers claim the firefighter was “suspended incorrectly” after he allegedly called an African-American man the N-word and spit on the man's grandson

By FireRescue1 Staff

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A firefighter is back on the job after being suspended for allegedly spitting on a 3-year-old and using a racial slur.

NY Post reported that Kansas City Fire Department firefighter Terrence Skeen’s lawyers claim he was “suspended incorrectly” after a February incident at a Hooters restaurant. Skeen allegedly threatened to shoot an African-American customer, called him the N-word and spit on his grandson.

Raymond Harris, the grandfather, said his grandson had briefly wandered off before another customer informed him that Skeen had spit on the child.

“You need to get that f—ing girl and take her back to the other side where you came from,” Skeen allegedly said to Harris.

Harris said he corrected Skeen on the boy’s gender and tried to confirm that he had spit on the child.

“F— you, you n—-r,” Skeen allegedly said. “I will spit on you. F— you! I will shoot you!”

Skeen and his lawyer denied the allegations, adding that the truth “will all come out at the trial.”

The firefighter faces charges of battery, assault and disorderly conduct.


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