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Firefighters suspended for off-duty drunken behavior

A group of firefighters who caused a bar owner to complain in July were suspended after an internal investigation

By FireRescue1 Staff

DENVER — A group of firefighters who caused a bar owner to complain about their behavior after being “very loud and vulgar” have been suspended.

KDVR reported that an internal investigation into the firefighters’ behavior was launched after surveillance video showed rowdy behavior and firefighters filling stolen coffee cups with their own alcohol and “drinking heavily.”

The bar owner said some of them “hollered insults,” claiming the police wouldn’t discipline them when they were asked to leave.

The Denver Police Department did not file charges after the incident, but five firefighters were punished after Denver Fire Department investigators deemed their behavior “egregious.”

Lt. Todd Revious and Lt. Jeremy Young, two of the members involved, were demoted to firefighter as well as receiving suspensions for “conduct (that) was unprofessional and egregious and set a poor example for others in the department.”

“Not only do these firefighters acknowledge their behavior through the acceptance of the discipline, but our firefighters all want people to know that we are good people and we have a responsibility to behave,” fire department spokesperson Greg Pixley said.