Photo of the Week: From stray dog to station dog

Get to know Smoke, who supports her Yorktown firefighters, steers clear of danger and likes to ride on trucks

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YORKTOWN, Ind. — This week's photo was sent to us by Kara Tapp, a lieutenant with the Yorktown Fire Department.

She wrote to tell us about her station's dog, Smoke.

"Since I’ve been on the department, we’ve had a 'station dog.' Her name is Smoke. She was a stray that was never reclaimed at the shelter so we took her in & she has been our favorite girl since. She loves when we’re on shift and has even learned to go to her cage when tones drop and sit when trucks are being backed in. She has been there for us after tough calls & is always a sweetheart when we’re around her. She also loves rides on the fire trucks! :)"

Good job, Smoke!

Photo/Yorktown Fire Department

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