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Podcast: Fire Chief Trisha Wolford explores how best to supervise members regardless of age or experience

The Anne Arundel County chief considers whether stereotypes of generations hold true or whether they are used as a crutch for poor leadership


On this episode of the Side Alpha Podcast by FireRescue1, Trisha Wolford, fire chief in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and chair of the IAFC’s Professional Development Committee. dives into the hot topic of cross-generation supervision in the fire service. Chiefs Bashoor and Wolford consider whether “traditional” or stereotypical characteristics of different generations hold true or if they are used too often as a crutch for poor leadership. The chiefs also explore how to best supervise all members, regardless of age and experience.

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On the Side Alpha on FireRescue1 podcast, Chief Marc Bashoor puts fire service leaders and emerging leaders in front of the hot topics facing firefighters.