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With five generations currently serving in the fire service, new officers find themselves facing a unique supervisory challenge of learning how to lead diverse groups with different learning and leadership styles. This challenge is amplified when less experienced members are placed in supervisory roles, managing older or more experienced members.

This series reviews how new officers can effectively manage the “buddy-to-boss” transition, tips for new officers leading teams through crisis, and how to adapt learning and leadership styles to connect with all members.

Supervisors want to be understanding of their employees’ concerns, but there is always work to be done and goals to be met
Learning to coach yourself and create habits for success are critical early steps so you can better manage your members
Resources, exercises and discussion points to enhance your leadership style and management skills
Finding a supervisory style rooted in authenticity creates an environment of trust and common ground
Traditional methods of supervision are evolving to align with the needs of firefighters of all ages
The Anne Arundel County chief considers whether stereotypes of generations hold true or whether they are used as a crutch for poor leadership
Officers must acknowledge generational differences and develop common goals for team members
Facing the reality of diverging leadership styles – and evolving your leadership style with the times
Successful volunteer firefighter supervision is rooted in clear expectations, decisions rooted in policy, and interpersonal relationships
Implementing supervision-focused best practices requires leaders to address their members’ different worldviews, work ethics and perspectives
While many fire service leaders still consider millennials to be the latest department newbies, it’s those in Generation Z that are peak-rookie age
Why supervisors should consider replacing a micromanagement-focused structure to one based in helping members thrive
Real-world examples highlight the simple ways supervisors can enforce fire department policies
Chief Goldfeder weighs in on how to deal with underperforming firefighters who can cramp the style of the entire crew
Chief Trisha Wolford tackles differences between learning styles, deference to authority and why millennials get a bad rap