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Do you have a burning fire service problem?

Let Billy Goldfeder help solve it.
Staffing? Tactics? Operations? Command? Personnel? Leadership (both good and bad)? Career frustrations? Department changing? Department NOT changing? Serious or not so serious, Deputy Chief Goldfeder offers his no-holds-barred advice in the What’s YOUR Problem? video series.

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Some firefighters simply don’t take training seriously – and that’s a serious problem
NIOSH reports are a good place to start when making your case
Set aside time to watch videos and talk with new firefighters about the significance of that day on fire service history
Skip the corporate exercise and focus on your bread and butter
Conduct a needs assessment, focus on your department’s first-due, and consider whether you need to be an “exterior-only” fire department
Every chief should support the FREE training offering through the Emergency Responder Safety Institute
While there are legal issues at play, you really can’t be a fair-weather firefighter
Firefighters are reporting crushing staffing challenges and increased stress
A newly diagnosed cancer patient doesn’t have the best relationship with the chief
There’s really only one situation that warrants going direct to the scene in your personal vehicle
Goldfeder sounds off: “I’m sick and tired of volunteers quitting because it’s not PERFECT”
We are sometimes too rooted in our independence, dismissive of new ideas presented to us
Where to begin when shifting away from a fundraising-dependent model
Chief Goldfeder offers several simple tips
Chief Goldfeder offers guidance related to command centers, scenario-based training and gut feelings