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Quiet Warrior - Companions for Heroes

Ep 4: David Sharpe started Companions For Heroes (C4H) with the hopes of aiding veterans and saving dogs from shelters. Since it’s inception, C4H has helped over 1500 service members while finding homes for shelter and rescue pets. A Quiet Warrior is a law enforcement, first-responder, or military personnel who serves their community through selfless acts of heroism. To read more Quiet Warrior stories or to tell us about a Quiet Warrior in your community, visit us at

Matthew Driscoll used his extra time while on light duty after an injury to create training that would help responders recognize signs of trafficking victims
The much-lauded documentary about three women fighting against the opioid crisis in Huntington, West Virginia, has been nominated for another award
To prevent tragedies caused by drunk driving, the Davidson Volunteer Fire Department is offering rides to wedding guests who have had too much to drink
The responders helped rescue a woman who called 911 to report that she was trapped in her vehicle and submerged in a canal