First responders bring holiday cheer to family after fatal vehicle crash

After a crash left their mother dead and their father and sister hospitalized, five kids were given a Christmas surprise by the St. Louis Fire Department

By News Staff

ST. LOUIS — Firefighters and EMS providers gave a family a little holiday cheer two months after their mother was killed in a vehicle crash.

FOX2 Now reported that Whitney Thomas, her husband and her six children were all involved in a vehicle crash in October. Thomas died in the incident, her husband is still in the hospital and 11-year-old Zakiya was left paralyzed.

St. Louis Fire Department EMT Margie Griffin recalled responding to the crash.

“As we're approaching the scene we saw kids scattered out on the grassy area,” she said. “This one hit me hard, my weakest point being on the job is babies.”

The first responders of Engine House 33 wanted to give the children something to be happy about over the holidays, so they threw a big Christmas party with toys, treats and a visit from Santa Claus.

Zakiya was even able to be a part of the fun by video conferencing in from her hospital room.

“It makes me a lot of happy,” one of the children said.

The EMT who dressed up as Santa Claus said the party was a bright light amidst the “horrible things” that occurred.

“Being here and being a part of this merriment helps a lot to move forward from the horrible things we witnessed that day,” he said.

Griffin said she was glad she could make the family a little bit happier for the holidays.

 “We can’t replace mom, but we can give babies some love. There is some love out there,” she said.

A GoFundMe was set up to raise money for a wheelchair accessible home and vehicle. Click here to donate.


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