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1 N.C. firefighter, 2 police officers shot at mobile home fire scene

Rowan County EMS treated the three wounded first responders on site


By Leila Merrill

ROCKWELL, N.C. —Two police officers and a firefighter were shot early Friday during a fire call, Spectrum Local News reported.

Fire crews were responding to a fire at a mobile home after 12:30 a.m., the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said.

A person in the back of the home was armed and fired shots.

After more police officers arrived, the man fired more shots.

The three first responders’ injuries are non-life-threatening. Rowan County EMS treated them.

The suspect was killed on scene. His ex-wife told Fox 8 that he had been suffering from a mental health crisis.

The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation is assisting local authorities with the investigation.

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