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Special Coverage: Leveling Up Fire-Based EMS

Fire department call volumes reflect far more EMS responses than fully-involved fires. Today’s fire chiefs face unique challenges in staffing, equipping, housing, transporting and training the right crews for the job with the myriad of incidents they respond to. Incorporating new training modules and deployment models can help fire departments minimize response times, recover costs and optimize crew and apparatus deployment.

Setting the right objectives during firefighter training is the key to reaching them
Protecting lives, prevention and emergency response: why EMS is a core part of the fire service mission
Fire-based EMS revenue structures and a success story in operating on user fees while providing excellent service
IAFC First Vice President Chief Gary Ludwig discusses how to make sure your community paramedicine funding doesn’t run short
Though it may be convenient to have a slew of firefighter-paramedics at every call, it may not be practical or financially sustainable for every department
Teaming up with local colleges can bring your community paramedicine program expert assistance today while paving the way for progress tomorrow
Think twice and consider community demographics and need before pursuing additional revenue through adding an ambulance service