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Code 3 Podcast: Paying for community paramedicine

IAFC First Vice President Chief Gary Ludwig discusses how to make sure your community paramedicine funding doesn’t run short


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Community paramedicine programs hold the potential to take a load of work off firefighters, and at the same time, offer better treatment to patients.

But recently, one of the better-known programs in the U.S. shut down. The Mesa, Arizona Fire and Medical Department had funded their program through a grant, which wasn’t renewed.

Fire Chief Mary Cameli knew that could happen, and said so last year on Code 3.

But when the grant money ran out, Mesa Fire was unable to get the money it needed from insurers, hospitals or anywhere else, and the community paramedicine program was shut down.

How does this type of program get funded?

In this episode of Code 3 Podcast, Chief Gary Ludwig of the Champaign, Illinois Fire Department discusses how to pay for a community paramedicine program. Ludwig is first vice president of the IAFC and a member of the FireRescue1 and Fire Chief Editorial Advisory Board.

Code 3 is hosted by award-winning journalist Scott Orr, who has covered the fire/EMS/police beat for most of his 30-plus year career in news. He’s worked around the country in both TV and print. Orr was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a decade ago, but that doesn’t stop him from interviewing fire service leaders on issues that concern firefighters around the nation.