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Firefighting is 6th most searched job. Is your department a top result in your area?

Google search trends show that people are, in fact, inquiring about how to become a firefighter



By Leila Merrill

WASHINGTON — Amid “The Great Resignation” of 2021, many people have been looking for their next career, and firefighting is among the top searches.

According to Google’s “The Keyword,” firefighter was the sixth most-searched job from January 2021-January 2022.

Search interest for “how to become a firefighter” since Jan. 1 has been highest among Google users in Alabama, Washington, Colorado and California, data shows.

But how is your department doing online? Is it drawing new recruits?

“If your department isn’t the top result for the search query ‘How to become a firefighter in [your city],’ work with your PIO, social media manager, website administrator or recruiting staff to develop web content that answers this question for the people who want to become a firefighter,” said Greg Friese, FireRescue1, editorial director.


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Here’s what you can expect from a career in the fire service as you navigate the path and complete the critical steps along the way.


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