Trending Topics: When thieves target firefighters

This is a reminder to always keep your head on a swivel, secure the station and be vigilant in theft protection

It seems like there have been a lot of recent articles about thieves stealing from firefighters, firehouses and fire department equipment.

In this Trending Topics, we look at instances where possessions stolen ranged from fire gear, personal vehicles, equipment and memorial plaques. This roundup is a reminder to always keep your head on a swivel, lock unoccupied vehicles, secure the station and to be vigilant in theft protection.

Check them out and add your thoughts below.

Theft of fire dept. gear prompts warning to public

Two jackets and two hats were stolen; the chief warned the public not to open the door for anyone suspicious wearing them.


Chicago firefighter's bagpipes stolen from car

Someone broke the car window outside his house and stole his $5,000 bagpipes.


Fire chief's stolen car found, firefighting equipment missing

Firefighting gear, a dispatch radio and laptop holding lesson plans and other documents related to the department are missing.

Wis. fire dept.'s stolen Smokey Bear returned

The sign suffered a little damage, but fire officials said it will be repaired and remounted at the firehouse.

Memorial firefighter ax stolen, $1,200 reward offered

The ax belonged to the family of a firefighter who died more than a year ago following a battle with depression.


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