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Survival kit: Violence against firefighters

This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help educate, prepare and keep you safe in case you’re faced with violence while on scene.

Firefighters and medics are attacked with increasing frequency, follow these steps to shift the survival odds in your favor
Remaining professional in the face of irrational, irate civilians is a skill that should be taught and reinforced; here’s how to do it
Lt. Duckworth and Chief Wylie caution us not to buy into their emotion and abandon best fireground practices
Firefighters in Birmingham showed moral courage in the face of direct orders during a very difficult time in history
Planning for acts of violence before they occur is key to mitigating their impact
Violence against emergency responders is an old and ugly problem, but preparation and awareness can keep you safe
Firefighters and medics need to know how to identify potentially violent scenes and how to react to attack from an assailant