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Embracing High-Tech Tools and Online Options

COVID-19 forced many organizations around the world to adjust their entire work and training models – in a matter of weeks. The fire service was no exception, with officers quickly seeking new ways to reach members and support ongoing training efforts. In this special coverage series, learn how departments can adapt to the “new normal” and implement a variety of high-tech tools (e.g., online learning, virtual reality training) for members’ continued growth. Plus, get tips for funding training and understand how technology helps mitigate training risk.

Maintaining skill sets through regular training is more important than ever, even if it is through online platforms
How Baltimore County’s first-of-its-kind Virtual Recruit Program adapted to the pandemic
California’s Cosumnes Fire Department shares its experience incorporating virtual reality into recruit training
Chief Goldfeder explains how to vet online trainers and how to get fire service leaders at your department to buy-in to the online training phenomenon.
Detailing VR options, advantages and how this new tool can complement live-fire training