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Watch: Firefighters post harrowing video of drive through Kincade Fire

The video shows embers and flames rushing down a hill into the road and the truck gunning it through the burning area


By Katie Dowd
San Francisco Chronicle

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. — Firefighters posted harrowing video of a 3 a.m. drive through the Kincade Fire on Tuesday.

The video, posted by San Francisco firefighters, shows a hellish scene: vegetation ablaze, embers and flames rushing down the hill into the road and the truck gunning it through the burning area.

“Where are those houses at?” someone asks.

“Right up there,” answers another, as the truck heads deeper into the fiery scene.

It’s not clear from the video where the firefighters were headed at the time.

Cal Fire officials said Tuesday morning the Kincade Fire grew to 75,415 acres acres overnight; it is now 118 square miles, more than twice the size of the city of San Francisco. Containment is currently at 15% with a high wind event expected to blow through the region later today. Ninety-thousand structures are still threatened.

The Corona Fire Department, which sent crews to help with the massive blaze, also posted video from Sonoma County. It shows two firefighters walking through a smoldering hillside, spraying water as they go to keep the flames down. The sky is completely smoky and turned orange from the fire. A line of flames along the hillside can be seen in the distance.

“We’re going to make sure we’ve got this covered before we progress up, OK?” one firefighter tells the others.

The video is loud with the sound of the wind rushing through and vegetation can be seen fluttering in the gusts.

There are currently 86 crews and over 4,500 fire personnel assigned to the Kincade Fire.


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