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Rock smashes through Ill. fire station window

The Decatur Fire Department said police have arrested the suspect


By Laura French

DECATUR, Ill. — A window at an Illinois fire station was smashed by a rock on Friday, officials said.

“Not sure why, but someone thought it was a good idea to throw a rock through Station 6’s window last night,” the Decatur Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

A photo included with the post shows damage to the window.

Fire officials thanked the Decatur Police Department for arresting the suspect.[0]=AZUsxDy5LO8QrbseU6cLHpQ8b_EdjUO1tEPskSUKjj_FHOSCAFEJuJ4f9EvuO9MYNX7Ut9BFziDIzqVAt6InXPAMcl3quHxZMbHdzxSEZOck_B9_o441Bur2fQdwMHZy3Cm5u5c60ABydDj0RuUwXFXg8HCDbPzPybQd6-rkW2CsmA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R