Video: Fire department calls out impatient drivers who ruptured hose

The Indianapolis Fire Department shared a clip of two vehicles driving over a water supply hose, causing it to burst

By FireRescue1 Staff

INDIANAPOLIS — Firefighters shared a video of drivers who burst a water supply hose by driving over it.

Indy Star reported that the Indianapolis Fire Department captured the drivers on camera as they drove over the hose. The hose burst after the second car drove over it and water sprayed into the air.

The IFD scolded the drivers for not being patient while crews put out a fire.

Officials are now searching for the driver that caused the hose to break, according to WTHR.

"Believe it or not – this happens more than you know – and it is simply not acceptable. Additionally – this request to NOT drive over our hose is not new,” IFD said in a statement. “We repeatedly message out that when you drive up on the bright yellow hose in the street, surrounded by all the big red vehicles and flashing lights – stop – turn around and find a different route to where you are headed."

IFD said they stopped a woman in the car, but she drove off before police arrived.


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