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‘We’re all engineers’: Chief Randall Hanifen talks IFE-USA influence

The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch president explains how all firefighters impact fire systems, plus the power of international connections

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Self-described “pracademic” Dr. Randall Hanifen knows two languages – academic speak and boots-on-the-ground speak – a skill he uses to bridge the gap between the more theoretical university world and our practical fireground experiences. This is one of the many skills he’s honed during his work with the Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch for which he now serves as president, in addition to serving as assistant chief of operations for the West Chester (Ohio) Fire Department.

On this week’s show, Chief Hanifen and the team dig into all this:

  • What it really means to be an “engineer” in the eyes of the IFE-USA – and how to get involved in the bigger-picture processes around us;
  • Why he views the U.S. fire service as siloed;
  • How we can learn from international fire departments; and
  • Favorite station drills.

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