Top 10 firefighting videos of 2011

Video is playing an increasingly important role in the fire service. Whether it be capturing close call incidents or recording remarkable rescues, firefighters are being put in the spotlight now more than ever before.

Check out the following clips for some of the video highlights from 2011.

Slow-motion backdraft in house fire

Video shows the extent of the backdraft. Notice the man running away from the front door after the explosion.


Lack of SCBA at house, vehicle fire

The chief of the department featured in this clip has responded to the footage and member comments here.


Drunk punches firefighter in Canada hockey riot

The angry fan goads the firefighter with expletives and tells him, "hit me," then takes a swing.


Cee-Lo re-records "Forget You" for firefighters

The recently released song, "Thank You," is a re-recording of his Grammy Award-winning track "Forget You."


Car explodes in Los Angeles firefighter's face

The firefighter, wearing SCBA, appears to be uninjured and continues to fight the fire.


Helmet cam captures Va. firefighter's mayday fall

The footage shows a firefighter's 20-foot drop into a basement after the ladder he was climbing broke.


Firefighter flips off driver in road rage incident

The firefighter driving the fire truck was terminated, and the lieutenant riding alongside him was demoted.


Backdraft rocks building with firefighters inside

The three firefighters inside the restaurant during the backdraft escaped uninjured.


Motorcyclist dies during rescue attempt in New York

A witness said a firefighter cursed at another person working at the scene when the vehicle dropped onto the victim.


Firefighter rescued from 3rd floor balcony at fire

A piece of furniture fell over and trapped firefighters. A Rapid Intervention Team moved to rescue them.

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