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Top 5 firefighting near misses of 2012

We all know firefighting is a dangerous job, and sometimes one’s proximity to death may be too close for comfort. Cameras caught these acts of bravery, and luckily none of them resulted in major injury or death.

Take a look at 2012’s top firefighter near misses.

Wall collapse near miss

This officer narrowly escapes injury when part of a wall collapses during overhaul operations.

Firefighters narrowly escape flameover

A bursted hoseline allows a blaze to flameover, crews barely making it to safety.

Crews take cover from exploding ammo

Chilean firefighters tackling a massive warehouse blaze run behind walls to protect themselves when ammunition starts to shoot off like fireworks.

Firefighters calls mayday while trapped in apartment fire

Four firefighters are trapped in an apartment fire after a roof collapse, forcing two firefighters to call a mayday.

Firefighter pulled from ceiling collapse

Crowds cheer when a firefighter is dragged to safety when a wall and ceiling collapse during a large blaze.