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Thumbs up! The top social media posts of 2021

These are the stories our readers loved, hated, clicked on, shared, and had a lot to say about on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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If you look at the FireRescue1 stories that were the most popular on social media, you get an interesting collection of fire service news from this year.

Let’s take a look back, starting with the Facebook posts that got the most engagement, then moving to the clickiest of Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Top facebook posts

1. Petition seeks to remove firefighter murder scene from ‘Halloween Kills’

There wasn’t much debate here; it was really more of a “pile-on” of comments railing against the premise of the petition. Check out the comments about the petition before and after the movie’s release.

2. Ga. volunteer firefighters quit after firing of chief

The sight of so much turnout gear piled in front of headquarters clearly made an impact. See what readers had to say.

3. Hiker spun out of control in helicopter rescue gets $450,000 in settlement

Many of the reactions followed this theme: “Send her the bill for the rescue!” Check out the commentary.

4. Civil Service Commission sides with Mass. female FF-EMT passed over for promotion

This story got readers thinking about multiple kinds of discriminatory practices. Some readers offered words of support for Firefighter-EMT Tracy Blanchette. Have you had similar experiences?

5. ‘This is not what I signed up for’: Why some firefighters simply don’t understand the job

Some commenters would like to see unhappy firefighters leave the profession, while others have a lot of pride in doing whatever the job may bring.

6. Lawyer: Firing of Fla. fire chief a ‘profound mistake’

Readers have some ideas about what might really be going on here.

7. LAFD FFs who commute to work from out of state may have to move to SoCal

Living in L.A. is pricey, right? That’s one theme of the comments. But readers also had some reflections about what residency rules might be best.

Top instagram posts

8. Inside Heavy-1: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s technical rescue apparatus

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue vehicle story was popular on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. “Florida needs this” was the theme of some comments. What do you make of it?

9. Video: Conn. FFs rescue 2 from sinking pickup truck during snowstorm

Check out the Stamford Fire Department’s impressive rescue!

10. Photo of the Week: Surrounded by FF family, Fla. engineer becomes US citizen

Congratulations again to Arianna Lopez!

top LinkedIn post

11. ‘The probationary period has evolved into a competition of who had it worse’


Shelby Perket writes that turning a blind eye to hazing and harassment inhibits the growth of new members. Her story got a lot of love.

‘The probationary period has evolved into a competition of who had it worse’

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