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2022: Major events and milestone moments

Following years of unprecedented efforts and steadfast perseverance, 2022 brought a slew of new milestone moments. As we reflect on 2022, we consider not only the big news of the year but also the bright and unique moments that gave us pause.

From Walmart claiming operations made a fire worse to Vanessa Bryant’s $16 million win, these are the stories that stirred discussion this year
Remembering the service, selflessness and sacrifice of those lost this year
Several fundraisers seek to help Harold Baker, who lost 10 family members in the August blaze
Tackling the mixed bag of electric vehicle coverage and whether we need a fire service “reset,” plus what’s ahead for 2023
“The most important part of my life is to help and uplift other people, so there’s no way I can give up now,” says 34-year-old J.C. LaVerde
Consider what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and build an actionable framework to achieve it
Part of building crew unity is taking the opportunity to have some fun, but there must be room for training – plus all those EMS calls
Firefighter Megan Warfield leapt into action to help a victim in an overturned car after being involved in a multi-vehicle crash – and gave birth 23 hours later
The floating fire station has drawn curious eyes from around the world, starting with its initial conception and extending to crew operations
From a “spaceship” fire to an impromptu station wedding, and even 792 jars of Ragú, 2022 gave firefighters across the country some unique experiences
Sacramento Fire Captain Keith Wade, once a TikTok skeptic, is now on a mission to show fire service leaders how the app’s reach could be the answer to staffing woes
The images of these firefighters facing near-daily barrages of battle continues 10 months into the war
From locally, to Ecuador and Ukraine, EMS and fire organizations stepped up to make a difference both at home and internationally
From augmented reality to wearables and data visualization, technology is making the future of firefighting safer
Early tragedy, daring rescues, mega-fires and history-making moments defined the year