Firefighter fighting for pension after ALS diagnosis

Derek Hogg is a few months shy of being able to qualify for a disability pension that would help his wife and two young children

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KANKAKEE, Ill. — A Kankakee firefighter with a fatal disease is getting new help in his battle against City Hall.

Derek Hogg, a firefighter diagnosed with ALS — Lou Gehrig's disease, is about to be dumped from his job, just months short of qualifying for his pension. "To have this kind of support, I don't think I can back down," Hogg said

Hogg said he and his wife holly have been swamped with letters, calls and emails after FOX 32 first reported last week on his fight to get his pension. "We had thousands of people respond, and come and say how can we help? We support you and we have your back," said Hogg's wife Holly.

Full story: ALS Foundation helping Kankakee firefighter fight for his pension

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