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Ala. firefighters rescue at least 40 dogs from rooftop

After a chemical odor prompted a doggie daycare evacuation, Birmingham firefighters brought some pets down in the fire truck’s bucket


A chemical odor sickened some employees and dogs at Dog Days doggie daycare in downtown Birmingham.

Photo/Carol Robinson/Tribune News Service

Carol Robinson

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A dramatic dog rescue was underway Monday after work done on floors at a downtown Birmingham daycare left employees and dogs not feeling well.

Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Capt. Orland Reynolds said Dog Days on 18th Street North between First and Second Avenues had work done on the floors over the weekend.

Shortly after arriving at work Monday morning, employees started to feel ill. The initial dispatch to first responders said that one employee fell unconscious.

The building, where 10 people were working, was cleared due to a strong smell of what is believed to have been polyurethane, Reynolds said.

Two of those employees were treated at the scene by paramedics but refused to go to the hospital. The workers experienced dizziness and difficulty breathing.

Firefighters are blowing fans into the building. At least 40 dogs were taken to the rooftop play area, where firefighters are bringing them down in the bucket attached to the ladder truck.

Reynolds said at least two dogs are being taken to the veterinarian for treatment. Some owners are here to get their dogs.


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