Photos: Driver flags down Fla. firefighters to remove snake from truck

Photos of the Fort Myers python and its rescuers have been stirring up discussion online

By Tanasia Kenney
The Charlotte Observer

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A python needed rescuing after hitching a ride under the hood of a driver’s truck, according to Florida firefighters.

The driver flagged down firefighters in Fort Myers early Thursday, Dec. 29, after finding the scaly passenger hiding in the engine compartment, fire officials wrote on Facebook. It’s unclear how long the animal was stuck there.

Crews were returning from a medical call when they were stopped, according to the fire department.

Photos shared by the department show the serpent resting comfortably under the vehicle’s hood, atop the engine cover.

The post garnered dozens of comments and reactions from people with theories about how the snake ended up there.

“Most likely it was looking for warmth,” one person commented. “It’s possible that it was someone’s pet that was released or escaped.”

Another user identified the snake as a “harmless” ball python looking to escape the cold temperatures. “If the owner is not found ill take it!” they wrote.

Not everyone was ready and willing to give the snake a new home, however.

“Unbelievable!!” someone else wrote, adding: “I would sell my truck. Snake included.”

One person joked about the scaly surprise, asking: “Is that the serpentine belt?”

After removing the snake, firefighters contacted Florida wildlife officials for assistance. It’s unclear if authorities found its owner or gave it to an animal rescue.

McClatchy News reached out to the Fort Myers Fire Department on Thursday and was awaiting a response.

Fort Myers is about 130 miles southeast of Tampa.

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