Video: Calif. FF adopts pup found near debris fire

The puppy perked up and wagged its tail after a bath, food and water from Sacramento firefighter and dog person Mike Thawley

UPDATE: April 27, 5 p.m. PT

Firefighter Mike Thawley has adopted the puppy and named him. The dog is now called Loki. 

Original article

By Leila Merrill

SACRAMENTO — Sacramento firefighters found a puppy near the site of a debris fire on Tuesday, and now one of their own is fostering him, CBS13 reported.

The young dog had bits of burnt plastic on his fur.

Firefighter Mike Thawley at Station 19 is fostering the puppy while the Front Street Animal Shelter works on finding him a permanent home.

“He perked up pretty good when we gave him water, a bath, some food,” Thawley said. “[We] started picking off some of the plastic and then yesterday [his] personality started coming out: Tail wagging, following us around, chewing.”

Thawley is a veteran dog fosterer and adopter, having taken in Chunk, a formerly abandoned pit bull, several years ago.


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