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The FireRescue1 Arson/Investigation resources page features news about confirmed and suspected arsons as well as information on the latest fire investigation methodologies to help fire investigators and other personnel identify fire causes. Areas of focus include news of arson arrests and investigations, legal proceedings, arson programs, and even why some firefighters cross the line to become arsonists.

Major responses, award and honors, conflicts overseas, devastating wildfires and e-Bike blazes made headlines
Three Maui County departments failed to meet deadlines for providing information from the Aug. 8 wildfires that killed 100, left 7, 500 homeless
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
Two workers were killed in the massive SouthPark construction site fire in Charlotte in May
Preliminary report finds Newark firefighters were ill-equipped and had little to no maritime firefighting training
Daytona Beach firefighters initially rescued three kids who were in critical condition; the youngest child, a 1-year-old, later died at the hospital
The fire that spread quickly over 8 acres was fed by pallets, cars, construction materials, hand sanitizer and other items being stored under the freeway in an industrial neighborhood
Investigators believe a clothes dryer left on overnight is the cause of the fatal Elbert County fire
Investigators determined it was arson that caused the fire under the section of I-10, burning construction items stored underneath
Residents at Reserve at LaVista Walk said fire alarms regularly go off at the apartment complex
FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh says Brooklyn fire is the 17th fatal fire due to lithium-ion batteries
Revere firefighters rescued two occupants during an intentionally set fire on the 4th floor hallway
The captain of the Conception was found guilty of seaman’s manslaughter in deadly maritime disaster
The Conception’s captain, Jerry Boylan, faces one count of misconduct or neglect of ship officer
Joseph Washington is suspected to be seen in a video walking out of the burning house