FDNY firefighter claims assault in hazing lawsuit

The lawsuit also alleges that firefighter Gordon Springs was targeted because of his race

By FireRescue1 Staff

NEW YORK — An FDNY firefighter filed a lawsuit against the department this week, alleging he was subjected to sexual assault during a 2015 hazing incident. 

Gordon Springs, 27, said during a tour of his new firehouse he and several other rookies were pushed into a gym where four naked male firefighters were waiting. Springs alleges that a firefighter ordered him to lie down on a bench before placing his genitals in his face, reported the Altanta Black Star. 

The lawsuit also alleges that Springs was targeted because of his race and claimed discriminatory comments were made toward him.

“After he filed complaints, he was ostracized by the other firefighters — sort of forced to wear this scarlet letter,” Springs’ attorney, Paul Liggieri, said. 

An FDNY spokesman said the incident was investigated and those involved were punished. 

Springs was orphaned at the age of two and was homeless as a teenager, reported CBS New York.

“It was supposed to become the family that he never had in pursuit of his dream,” Liggieri said. “And it’s just unfortunate that his dreams became a nightmare.”

Springs is still an active firefighter.

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