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‘If you find yourself alone, start worrying’: Linda Willing shares advice for all firefighters

It’s important to connect with your fellow firefighters, get involved in training, and avoid silos

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Despite seemingly endless opportunities for connection, many firefighters find themselves more alone than ever, sometimes inadvertently, so we must double-down on our efforts to build connections and avoid silos that create division. Linda Willing – a retired career fire officer who works with departments on issues related to leadership, decision-making and diversity training – offers insights into how to build connections among crews, manage problem members, and foster diversity of all types to build stronger teams.

  • Don’t miss: The question Willing asks whenever she sees a news story about firefighters behaving badly.
  • Power quote: “I don’t know a single fire crew that has somebody that can just be written off. … You go on a call, and any one of those people that’s with you could be the difference between life and death – for you.”

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