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‘We’re going (100 miles per week) streaking!’ with firefighter/ultra-runner Andy Glaze

Through running, Glaze finds a powerful tool for managing stress and improving mental health

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Captain Andy Glaze is on a four-year streak of running 100+ miles per week, and while he’s not suggesting that all firefighters attempt the same feat, he does urge movement: “Movement is medicine.”

Glaze shares his journey from drinking and smoking to becoming an ultra-marathon runner, and how physical fitness helped him manage his mental health. From ultra anxiety to ultra resilience, Glaze describes the power of setting goals, finding motivation in embracing challenges, and the importance of community. Plus, we dig into all this:

  • The power of ice baths – misery during and elation after
  • Running laps around the station with radio in hand
  • Glaze’s running-related challenge to firefighters
  • Pushing through the “pain cave” to find gratitude

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