Firefighters shot at after vet mistakes them for burglars

The incident prompted officials to request that all firefighters be equipped with ballistic vests

By FireRescue1 Staff

CINCINNATI — Fire officials are calling for more safety measures after firefighters were shot at during a welfare check Sunday night. 

Cincinnati police requested firefighters assist with a welfare check; friends of veteran Kenneth Mullins were unable to reach him after he missed an appointment at the VA hospital. According to Mullins’ friends, the television was on but no one was answering the door. 

Shots were fired when firefighters made a forced entry into Mullins’ home. Police quickly neutralized the situation and apprehended Mullins, reported

Officials said Mullins thought someone was breaking into his home, and that he did not hear anything until firefighters made a forced entry. Mullins said he is always armed because his father was once attacked during a home invasion, reported the Associated Press.

“It was just an unfortunate incident as far as I know,” said Reginald Hocker, vice president of the Cincinnati firefighters union. “I don’t think that the gentleman was actually trying to kill firefighters.”

The close call prompted fire officials to call for better safety measures to protect firefighters on-duty. Hocker also voiced that all department firefighters should be equipped with ballistic vests.

“Around the country, this situation has occurred in the past with other fire departments. Today was no different,” District Fire Chief Mike Washington told FOX19. “There are inherent dangers anytime you’re forcing into property.”

Union officials said they intend to meet with fire administrators to discuss the incident and what preventative measures can be taken in the future.

Police told the Associated Press that Mullins will not face charges related to the incident. 

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