Photo of the Week: Keep the Forest Green

This week's photo is a play on the 'Keep the Wreath Green' holiday message, with a spring wildfire focus

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By FireRescue1 Staff

WOOD COUNTY, Wis. — As spring continues to bloom across the country, the Marshfield (Wis.) Fire and Rescue Department is spreading wildfire awareness through the Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources' "Keep the Forest Green" campaign, which is a take on the fire service's holiday "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign. 

Each of the 13 stations in Wood County has hung up a large paper tree cutout with smaller green trees attached. When a wildfire occurs, a red tree is added. 

"Have you heard of the “Keep the forest green” campaign? Each spring, several fire departments in Wood county partner with the DNR to try to bring awareness to wildfires. In between the time that all that white stuff melts, and we have our beautiful spring green up, there is a period where we have a higher danger of grass and forest fires," a Facebook post from the department read. "Please be careful and remain very fire aware during this time period. Wood County already had 5 fires this spring."

The initiative has proved to be a way to start conversations and raise awareness about wildfire dangers.

“It gives us a chance to talk about fire safety up front, as opposed to coming up from behind and being reactive versus proactive,” said Marshfield Fire & Rescue Interim Chief Scott Owen said in an interview with On Focus News.

Photo/Marshfield (Wis.) Fire and Rescue

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