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FEMA releases Exercise Starter Kit to help agencies conduct COVID-19 transition workshops

The kit helps agencies navigate the complexities of returning to full operations and prepare for other significant events during the pandemic


Springfield City Hall custodian John Balsam takes the temperature of every person entering City Hall. Image: Don Treeger via TNS

By Laura French

WASHINGTON — FEMA has released an Exercise Starter Kit to help agencies transition into returning to full operations.

The kit includes sample documents for organizations to conduct workshops and tabletop exercises to examine their readiness for a range of threats and hazards while reconstituting operations.

The workshop materials build on the White House’s “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again” and the FEMA fact sheet “Planning Considerations for Organizations in Reconstituting Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

FEMA also provides suggested workshop objectives and design considerations.

More information is available in the document below:

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The toolkit provides fact sheets and resources that can be downloaded for free, co-branded and disseminated to your community