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Thedehydration topic features articles, features and news stories on how to stay hydrated while on scene.

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In partnership with the NVFC, the brewer will supply water to 34 departments
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A successful rehab program provides adequate physical and mental support for firefighters at fireground operations
One Cheektowaga firefighter became dehydrated and another suffered a cut on his arm while fighting a fire in a storage facility
Six steps to help organize your department’s rehab practices, training and implementation
As you ready yourself and your community for a heatwave, keep these tips in mind
Gordon Graham says the time to think about hydration is now, not when you are immersed in an exhausting activity
Orange County fire, EMS and law enforcement officials urged hikers to properly prepare and take caution before heading out to the trails
Three firefighters suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration and one sustained injuries to his back and ankle
Aaron Zamzow explains the connection between hydration and heart attacks, how water can help improve your performance, and more
Firefighters entered the home “with virtually no firefighting equipment available at the time” to save a resident trapped inside the home
Even mild dehydration results in significant negative physical outcomes, which is dangerous when lives are on the line
The firefighter was participating in a training exercise when he suffered a heat stroke
The “fast shelter” offers relief for EMS personnel working mass casualty incidents
The soldiers had been training in New Jersey and were on a scouting mission when they found the car deep in a wooded area
Firefighters, public health officials and Salvation Army unite to combat heat illnesses
The ready-to-consume packets contain a sports drink, water, fruit puree, snack bar, branch chain amino acid chews and an anti-bacterial hand wipe
Here are the negative effects of exercise and heat on the body during firefighting, and how to counter those effects
Two of the injured suffered heat exhaustion as more than 1,400 firefighters battle the blaze
Many of the injuries were heat related as temperatures were near 100 degrees
Many of the injuries were heat related as temperatures were near 100 degrees
One firefighter was sent to a local hospital with apparent dehydration
The emergency crews carried them to help them rehydrate and lower their body temperature at the same time
Hydration is key to staying healthy on the fireground, and water is the best way to stay hydrated
The firefighters sustained minor injuries on a fire that rekindled
One firefighter suffered dehydration; the other came in contact with an electric feed
Union president says firefighting efforts were slowed due to low staffing