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Electric vehicle fires: Products, strategies and the power of time

From ‘let it burn’ to full submersion, Captain Patrick Durham explains the continuum of extinguishment approaches

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Buckle up for an electric episode, driving hard into everything firefighters need to know about electric vehicle fires. Puns notwithstanding, Zam and Janelle are thrilled to speak with Patrick Durham, a captain and training officer with the Troy (Michigan) Fire Department who also works as a mechanical engineer. Durham started StacheD Training to educate firefighters on a variety of technical topics, including the unique aspects of responding to EV incidents, so he’s the right person to answer all of Zam’s scenario-based questions about how to handle various EV fire situations.

Plus, we get into all this:

  • Durham’s takes on the various products for extinguishing EV fires
  • Tips for determining whether it’s an EV battery fire or a standard vehicle fire
  • How long it takes for an EV fire to burn itself out
  • Don’t miss: The smart SCBA analogy to lithium-ion battery fires
  • Bonus resource: Electric vehicle fires: Where the waiting game wins
  • Hot seat sneak peek: Durham’s dream car … but is it an EV?

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