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Trending Topics: Should firefighters be able to carry firearms on duty?

Recent legislation across the country could potentially equip firefighters with firearms while they respond to calls

By FireRescue1 Staff

In light of recent attacks on first responders, many fire departments have called for an increase in protective gear, such as body armor. Such attacks have also spurred the rise in legislation that would allow firefighters to carry a firearm on duty. Considering firefighters often respond to potentially dangerous calls, fire service leaders — and legislators — need to decide whether carrying weapons is the next step in protection.

While such legislation has been met with strong support, there are many who oppose such bills. Some equate the privilege to a private citizen carrying, and others argue it would cross an ethical line.

In this Trending Topics, we take a look at several pieces of legislations that would enable firefighters to carry firearms on duty.

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1. W.Va. bill would permit firefighters to carry guns on duty
The bill would allow first responders to carry firearms on duty under the condition they complete firearms training.

2. SC firefighters push to carry firearms on duty
The law currently only allows law enforcement officers to carry firearms at emergency scenes.

3. Texas bill would let firefighters, EMTs carry firearms
The bill would implement a statewide policy requiring jurisdictions to allow responders to carry while on duty.

4. New Kan. law allows first responders to carry concealed weapons on duty
Effective July 1, 2016, EMTs and firefighters can now carry firearms on the job.

5. Fla. officials ‘totally against’ firefighters carrying guns
Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue commission member Fred Forbes suggested that after reports of attacks on first responders, it may be time to arm the district’s firefighting force with military weapons for protection.

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