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What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve heard?

Always keep in mind to handle civilian complaints or concerns with poise and respect — no matter how ridiculous they sound

Complaints are a part of any job.

And while firefighters don’t hear half as many complaints as a telemarketer would, they still have plenty of head scratching moments.

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us the most ridiculous complaint they’ve heard while on duty. Here are some of their responses.

And if you haven’t already, let us know a complaint you’ve heard in the comment section below.

1.“At the station washing the mud off the engine after a long fire, a car drove up and yelled that I make too much money and all we do is wash our vehicles and watch TV all day.” — Jeff Dahl

2.“Why do we have to do gear up drills? Don’t you just put your gear on and go?” — Cassidey Marge Podniestrzanski

3.“Some person’s house was fully engulfed in flames, we had part of the road blocked off to stretch lines and put the fire out. One neighbor was upset because they couldn’t get home … while their one neighbor just lost their home.” — Chris Wynne

4.“Not waving back at people.” — Adam Fortier

5.“In a rural setting we were responding to an MVA code 3. A farmer in the area came down to the station and complained about the sirens on a country dirt road. He said it upset his cows.” — Robert Lonberger

6.“Someone told me, ‘You guys get paid too much for what you do.’ My reply: ‘You’re absolutely right. But here’s the thing, we do not get paid for what we do. We get paid for what we’re willing to do.’” — Richard Paul

7.“We had a fatal car vs. pedestrian and we had the section of road shut down for the sheriff’s department to do their accident reconstruction. I had an intersection blocked with one of our brush trucks and was standing next to the truck in full turnout gear. An older woman stopped to yell at me for blocking the road and to tell me my DUI checkpoint was unconstitutional.” — Brad Niederer

8.“We are a small volunteer fire department. We have pagers, but also a fire siren that goes off when we are paged. One guy complained that we were being too noisy when we were toned out and wanted us to be more considerate.” — Jim Giffin

9.“As we were doing CPR on the sidewalk of a strip mall, a lady carrying her yoga mat asked us if we could move the rig. It was blocking her car and she had to pick up her kid from school.” — Gavin Moylett

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